Polish Air Force Academy

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Szkoły Podchorążych Lotnictwa 4, 08-521 Dęblin,







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Dęblin Military Airport, EPDE, Agat

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Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 15:30


The Polish Air Force Academy - "The School of the Eaglets" - has changed its name, structure, and fields of study several times. The programs and methods of theoretical and practical aviation training in the air have changed. All the transformations were dictated by concern for the best execution of the tasks facing the academy. The Air Force Officer School was established on 5 November 1925 in the town of Grudziadz in place of the Pilot Training College. On the 1st of January 1968, the Officer Training College (OSL) received university status and thus was renamed the Air Force Officer Training College (WOSL). On the 17th of March 1968, the first matriculation of cadets was held in "The School of the Eaglets". At that period, the College underwent extensive expansion. Its structure included may subordinate units located in various places of the country. On the 1st of October 1994, the College was renamed "The Polish Air Force Academy" (PAFA) and has been operating under this name to this day. Since the Act on higher education dated from 27th July 2005 came into force, in which legislators abolished the Act of 31st March 1965 on higher military education and incorporating military higher education institutions into the national (common) system of higher education, PAFA has been a vocational higher education institution with one first degree course only for soldiers (engineering studies at the major of aeronautics and aerospace). At that period, the Academy was not allowed to conduct civilian studies. According to the Decision no. Z-63/Org/P1 issued by the Minister of National Defence on the 22nd of September 2008, with the beginning of 2009 PAFA became directly subordinate to the Minister of National Defence. Currently, at two faculties and four majors, the Polish Air Force Academy offers the following types of courses: full-time, extramural, postgraduate, professional training and qualifying for the next officer’s rank. The Academy is legally entitled to confer the title of Doctor of Philosophy in the scientific field of study - "machine construction". Additionally, it is applying for conferring the title of Doctor of Philosophy in the scientific field of study - "geodesy and cartography".