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Pacific Aircraft Services Ltd has been the NZ distributor of the Guimbal Cabri G2 since 2011 and more recently, since 2018, the Australian distributor. Through their partner company Christchurch Helicopters, which is one of the largest helicopter flight schools in NZ, they operate two Cabri G2’s on flight training, carry out commercial operations such as filming, photography, mustering and pest control, having amassed over 8000 hours on these machines since 2011. They also maintain all their own aircraft and have a wealth of experience on the Cabri, currently maintaining a total of 11 including their own and local clients, and providing after sales service and assistance supporting another 21 Cabri’s within NZ and Australia, supplying parts and knowledge to keep the Cabri fleet in the Southern Hemisphere continually moving.


Harewood Aviation Park, 25 Aviation Drive, Christchurch International Airport, Christchurch 7676


New Zealand



+64 33590470



Airport code

Christchurch International (CHC)

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30 - Saturday from 09:00 to 04:30 (available outside of standard hours)