the little big helicopter

4,5 Hours
100 kt
Cruise speed
270 Kg

Key features

  • Three-bladed main rotor with composite blades
  • Shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor
  • Full composite structure
  • Reliable powerplant
  • Crash resistant fuel cell
  • Energy absorbing crash resistant seats - To have a view of that without risk, see the crash test.

State of the art manufacturing

Technology from big to small

The Cabri G2 is entirely assembled in our EASA Part-21G certified factory.

Our suppliers and partners are all monitored to guarantee excellent levels of quality and traceability.

The vast majority are active partners in European aeronautical programmes..

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"Building a Guimbal Cabri G2"

Features and comfort

Cabri G2 occupants enjoy a spacious and luxurious cockpit, with perfect all-round visibility and outstanding ergonomics.

The cockpit features a user-friendly interface which is designed to reduce pilot workload.

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(N° EASA.21J.211)

  • Aircraft design, certification and modification
  • Includes flight testing
  • Delivered end-2007 by the DGAC / EASA


(N° FR.21G.0216)

  • Aircraft production and testing
  • Delivered in 2008 by the DGAC / EASA


(N° FR.145.0590)

  • Aircraft and components maintenance
  • Delivered in 2014 by the DGAC / EASA

Cabri G2 Type Certificate and Airworthiness

(N° EASA.R.145)

Certified by:
  • EASA (Europe)
  • FAA (USA)
  • CASA (Australia)
  • NZCAA (New-Zealand)
  • SACAA (South Africa)
  • CAAV (Vietnam)
  • CAAC (China)
  • ANAC (Brazil)
  • TCCA (Canada)
  • DGAC (Chile)
  • CAAM (Malaysia)
  • UK CAA
    (United Kingdom)
  • CAAM (Mongolia)
  • CAAI (Israel)
  • ANAC (Argentina)
  • CAAT (Thailand)

Cabri G2

detailed specification

Cabri G2

Optional equipment

Cristal Panel

Air Conditioning

Bear paws

Emergency Pop-out Floats

Cargo hook

Multifunction Chin Mount

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